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Router table with power lift, built around Ikea BEKVÄM and parts from old drafting machine

This is my (quite) completed router table built around IKEA kitchen cart BEKVÄM and a precise drafting machine cannibalized.

Router is a Bosch POF 1200.
Router table is equipped with power lift feature (missing only router support in the photos).

BOXEDCNC: Brushless ESC pwm response, linearizing output for PID control, and smoothing the sensor values

Once assembled and tested, i had a lot of data collected from brushless spindle controller, i've used to implements a better control method, a PID control. I've spent long time updating the code to find what was going wrong. Regarding PID, there are a lot of good articles in the web, some implemented also on the Arduino universe. Start your readings from the incredible series of post from Brett, if you want to know more about PID. In this post i want to describe my solution to some of the headache i had to implement: Keep it fast if what you want to control react fast (a spindle is really different from sous-vide or temperature PID room controller). My timing between refresh is now 50ms.Keep it steady, eliminating every distraction from the PID computation (like delays).Linearize the output of the PID, before applying to the ESC to get rid of the PID constants.Try to guess the output value, before enabling PID.Divide the PID constants in aggressive and conservative variants de…