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Router table with power lift, built around Ikea BEKVÄM and parts from old drafting machine

This is my (quite) completed router table built around IKEA kitchen cart BEKVÄM and a precise drafting machine cannibalized.

Router is a Bosch POF 1200.
Router table is equipped with power lift feature (missing only router support in the photos).

CNC EMBROIDERY: Costruzione xy, parte II

Tempo di brasare e rifinire.

L'attrezzatura per la brasatura:
  • Cannello a gas
  • Ricarica di gas
  • Pasta disossidante
  • Stagno da elettronica senza flussante
  • Pulire con carta vetrata fine le parti da brasare
  • Spennellare con uno spazzolino le parti da brasare con pasta disossidante
  • Unire le parti
  • Scaldare molto bene le parti con la punta della fiamma (se una parte è più grande dell'altra, ha maggiore capacità termica e dunque la fiamma deve essere rivolta su questa parte principalmente)
  • Togliere la fiamma e appoggiare lo stagno
  • Continuare a scaldare fino a che lo stagno non penetra per capillarità nella giunzione
  • Far raffreddare
  • Scartavetrare e pulire

Sopra:  galletti per tenere i pezzi
Sopra: scaldare bene
Sopra: pezzi pronti per la saldatura (si vede la pasta disossidante)

Sopra: gli stessi pezzi appena brasati

Sopra: troppo stagno; è penetrato e colato

Sopra: il supporto motore completato

Sopra: i pezzi puliti con carta vetrata

Sopra: un pezzo finito con una passata di argentatura.


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PEATOL/TAIG: the most beautiful affordable metal lathe

I bought a PEATOL/TAIG because i need a small lathe (despite i have a 7x20 lathe) i can operate in my house. I have known about it from the conspicuous fans all over the world.

Here some links if you want to know more about PEATOL/TAIG:
Peatol Machine Tools: the home of PEATOL/LATHE;
Deansphotografica: beautiful projects;
CarterTools: the biggest resource i know about taig;
LeeValley Instruction booklet;

I received it from Peter of Peatol (UK) on August, and now i'm showing it once assembled the base, the motor and it's fully functional. The motor was blue so i repainted to black.
I assembled also the motor mount from aluminium with primitives dovetails. My version of lathe come with powerfeed already installed and a sturdy block of aluminium for raise the entire lathe.

This is my start package:
1015Micro lathe with power feed1030Four jaw chuck, with reversible, heat-treated steel jaws10921/16"-3/8" Jacobs chuck1150Drilling tailstock - lever operated1151Needle bearing centr…

COIN-OP: mini arcade cabinet build log

My father bought some wood panels from Ikea. He donated two to build a mini arcade cabinet for my son. The arcade cabinet will use a raspberry pi with PiMame and some Sparkfun arcade goods, like a Zippy arcade joystick and concave buttons. In this post you'll find a short build log. The cabinet is 1 meter tall (39") and 0.42 meter wide (17").

Cutting the hpl boards. Masking tape installed for marking

The monitor, a 19" sony sdm-hs95
Build log:

Monitor installation test

EMBROIDERY CNC: Software completed

The software for the cnc embroidery is finally completed and fully functional.

Screenshot: Main screen
Screenshot: Palette selection
Screenshot: Color selection
Screenshot: Artwork translate panel
Screenshot: Grbl dashboard panel (realtime via browser thanks to Websocket)
Screenshot: G-Code Inspection panel